Wizard Concepts

The way of the Wizard is spiritual and true, holding ourselves to the highest of high ethics, Wizards behave with humility to all, with wonder and love for the natural world.

The One

We can become one with the One, with Source, with the one true creator, with the God / Goddess, with the light of universal love, truth, unity and restoration, which exists in all things, in this universe and beyond. Through this state of being, this connection, we are able to receive all the wisdom, knowledge, energy and help we need in any particular situation. It is the basis of wizardry, of our wisdom, and is accessible to all.

The Wyrd

Through becoming one with the Divine, through our connection with the Divine, we can choose to ask and listen to what the Divine’s will is. We recognise that everything is known by the One, therefore the One knows far better than we do what is required in any particular situation. We therefore choose to trust and follow the will of the Divine. We call this path, this way, the ‘Wyrd’, and we choose to follow it – we choose to trust in Source, and that Source always knows best.

The word ‘wyrd’ is an Old English word meaning ‘fate, destiny’. It derives from the Proto-Indo-European base wert- which means, ‘to turn, wind’. Within Modern Wizardry, we use the word ‘Wyrd’ to refer to how Source tries to direct us along the best path we can possibly follow – like a wind blowing you in the right direction – but ultimately it is our choice, and our responsibility, to choose whether to accept this guidance or not.

We believe it is wise to follow the Wyrd, wherever it takes us, however challenging and strange the situations may be, simply because Source knows best and can be absolutely trusted.

Path of your Wyrd

If you don’t follow the Wyrd, then your path may change, but there will always be a new one laid out by the ONE (all things are a part of the ONE): new opportunities to follow the Wyrd.


We are all made up of many parts: our body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul. By ‘spirit’, we refer to our consciousness that exists independent of our body. Whilst it is usually connected to our body whilst we have human form, it continues to exist after death. By ‘soul’, we refer to our core being, the Divine that is within us all, our connection with the Divine, our Higher Self.

We have all these parts for a reason, they are all useful in helping us follow the Wyrd. However, to fulfil our potential, they all need to be working in balance. If we are not in balance, if any one part of who we are is out of balance with the other parts, then we become unstable and may be knocked off course easily. When we are in balance, we are strong and firm and able to cope with any situation we are faced with. We can be in balance by following the will of the Divine, by following the Wyrd. Restoring and maintaining your own balance is key to sustainable spiritual growth and work; one technique fundamental to Spiritual wizardry which helps this process is being a tree:

The Natural Tree

The Natural Tree  is a fundamental concept, practice and reality in Spiritual Wizardry. We believe that we are all trees:

  • We have roots (energy connections) that go down into the earth.
  • We have branches that shoot up into the sky.

We are all connected

Through these connections, we can connect with the One, all that Is, whatever is needed in a particular situation. It is a core part of restoring and maintaining our own balance, thereby enabling us to help others too. Spiritual Wizardry encourages people to tree regularly, to strengthen our connection with the Divine. At the same time, we recognise that the tree is our natural state of being, and never needs to be taken down. It’s always a good idea to re-invigorate and strengthen your tree, but it never needs to be taken down: our connection with the Divine and the earth is a natural part of who we are and is needed in every situation.

The Dragons

In Spiritual wizardry we work with the dragons and the energies they represent / embody – energy they are Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit and others, They express the Joy, Love, Peace, Clarity and Transformational aspects of the ONE. Dragons are the One’s helpers, guardians and mentors of the earth and of the universe. By working with them we benefit from their wisdom and strength as they teach us and this helps us in every way: to restore and maintain the balance; to bring healing to ourselves, others and the earth.

The word ‘dragon’ derives from the Greek word drak-, which is a form of the Greek verb derkesthai, which means ‘to see clearly’. The (original) meaning of the word ‘dragon’ is similar to the original meaning of the word ‘wizard’: ‘to see’, hence, ‘to know’.

all energy are dragons

What many people call Angels are  actually dragons. The dragons just choose to take a different form if required, such as the form of a human with wings. This may be necessary so that the dragons don’t shock or frighten the people they appear to and throw them off-balance. This is a real risk due to the vilification of dragons that has occurred over time. This vilification was largely at the hands of religious bodies, who didn’t want people to connect with God or God’s helpers (the dragons) directly, as they used to. Instead, they want to pose as the middle-men/women between the people and the spiritual realms, so that they could gain power and wealth – even though of course we can all have a direct connection with Source and the dragons. They therefore tried to vilify dragons, although not all dragons are now portrayed as malevolent – think of the Chinese and Welsh dragons. Sometimes people we work with feel uncomfortable at first, understandably, calling them dragons, and prefer to call them angels. This is perfectly acceptable and usually, after working with dragons / angels for a while, they come to recognise their true identity.


We know that the Shadow is the principle VIRUS (disease) that unbalance’s Humanity and the Earth. It Creates and Feeds on Hatred, Fear, Rage, Guilt, Jealousy, Depression, Powerlessness, Hopelessness, etc. It is perfectly normal for a young race to be challenged by this Virus, It normally ensures that a race will only emerge into the light beings they really are at the right time. However if it is allowed to breed without restrictions, it could make it almost impossible for a race to evolve, to become Wizards in the True sense and meaning of that word. On this world that is what has happened, It has become unbalanced, So We are introducing an Anti-Virus, Wizards! who while infected are none the less able to break the virus grip and help bring about the Re-Balancing that is needed and to open your eyes to the Truth of your/our illness. It is a Virus a Disease, Recognise it as such and on your way to defeating it as you/we are meant to do, in order to Evolve.