Friends of Wizards

The Dragons online Academy

Friends of Wizards


Of Spirit and Soul; articles on a range of spiritual topics.

Radiant Sounds, the website of Theresa Matthew, a spiritual musician based in the South East of England.

The Rose Window, the website of Katie Rose, a Touch and Sound Therapist.

Alex the Runecaster  Alex has been a Runecaster with many years experience

Healing From the Heart Gentle Holistic Healing to Ease Physical and Emotional Pain, Restoring Balance to Mind, body and Spirit

Nick Ashron – Lightworkers Guide to the Galaxy, Nick Ashron Psychic and artist, with his alternative TV show for the extraordinary

Paradigm Shift magazine –  Britain’s best loved Spiritual Magazine

Silent Voices  – The Spiritual, Paranormal & Metaphysical Magazine

Bardwood Institute – Wand maker and lore

Peace Mala – The voice of Tolerance (official website)

Hands of a Wizard – A Reiki Master and Wayfinder Wizard

The Wessex Research Group – A world wide network of friends of the alternative

The Dragons online Academy – An international online school for modern Wizardry

Fiona James – Holistic Life coach, Wizard & Reiki master and personal mentor – Cardiff, S. Wales

Nadia – Feldenkrais – Providing a modern method of Movement Awareness – Feldenkrais & Dragon healing


Dee Dreslough’s Art Gallery, a website that provided some of the dragon images for this website.

Here Be Dragons, a website that provided some of the dragon images for this website.

Lars Van De Goor Photography, which provided some of the beautiful photographs for this website: , ,