Levels in Modern Wizardry

Levels in Spiritual Dragon Wizardry

There are five levels in Modern Wizardry:

  • Student Wizards
  • Novice Wizards
  • Journey Wizards
  • Full Wizards
  • Master Wizards

Student Wizardry

Student wizardry introduces the fundamentals of Modern Wizardry. It is the rock upon which the further levels are built. It teaches largely about self-awareness: becoming aware of yourself, how you are feeling, what sort of time (energy state) you are in, and what to do about it. As a student wizard gains self-awareness and learns how to manage their own energy and time, thereby helping to restore their balance, they are balanced enough to work with the stronger balancing energies contained in the novice course.

The online student level wizardry course can be accessed via the Wizard training page.

Novice Wizardry

Once a student wizard has understood and put into practice student level wizardry, they are balanced, aware and stable enough to start healing themselves using more powerful techniques.

One difference between student and novice wizards is that novice wizards use wands. Wizards use wands because they help channel / focus energy, especially the energy contained in trees. As explained above, trees have roots and branches that connect them to source and to everything that is, so it’s a useful, and natural, energy to work with. The energy is more powerful when channelled through a wand, and a novice is ready to learn how to work with this energy in a balanced and safe manner.

Wands are for personal use only, i.e. they only affect the person using them. If you picture someone holding a wand, you will notice that the wand (and therefore the energy it channels) is connected right to them, through their hand. So wands can only be used to work with your own energy. If you try to use a wand to do work on other people or places, because of the connection with yourself, whatever is sent out will always come back (eventually). There are subtleties that relate to this principle associated with healing and which require specialist training.

Novice wizards are balanced enough to be able to work with stronger energies, such as the elemental energies (earth, air, water and fire), crystal energies, and dragons. As novices become more experienced with working with these energies on themselves, helping to bring themselves into balance, they then learn how to heal others, how to help bring others into balance. We call our healing spiritual light healing, or tree healing. It uses the power of unconditional love to effect a re-balancing of the individual (or the earth) in whole or in part, and to restore the inner and/or outer balance of the individual or earth.

Please see the Wizardry Training page and use the contact page for more information.

Journey Wizardry

Once a wizard has mastered novice level the Dragons will advise their teacher that they are ready to move up to Journey Wizard level. One of the differences between Novice and Journey Wizard is that Journey Wizards are balanced enough to help bring restoration and healing to other people and the earth to a greater extent. They are balanced enough in themselves to help share the natural balance with others, and the earth.

In reflection of this, Journey Wizards use staffs. A staff is different from a wand in that when you hold it, the energy flows through the ends of the staff, and since a staff is held in the middle, not by the ends, the energy flowing through it doesn’t have a direct connection with yourself, like it does with a wand. The energy that flows through a staff can therefore be used for work that doesn’t have a direct connection with yourself, and can therefore be used to help restore the natural balance in the wider world.

As a Journey wizard, you therefore learn different techniques for helping restore the balance in other people and places. Once these skills have been sufficiently learnt, the Journey Wizard has a period of time to put what they have learnt into practice in the world, to see whether what they have learnt is solid – hence the name ‘Journey Wizard’. It is a time of practice and testing for them, and they are supported by a Full or Master Wizard during this process.

In conjunction with a Full or Master Wizard, Journey Wizards may help train others in Spiritual Wizardry.

Once the Journey Wizard successfully develops through their experiences, they become Full Wizards.

Full Wizardry

A Full Wizard has the experience and ability to teach Dragon Wizardry to others. A Full Wizard also learns, practices and uses other more advanced techniques that are useful for restoring the balance in people and the earth. Once a Full Wizard has gained sufficient experience, he or she becomes a Master Wizard.

Master Wizardry

Due to the experience and skill of a Master Wizard, they are entrusted with directing and managing the overall direction of Dragon Wizardry – and been directed by the Dragons on the assessment of Wizards.

Even though people become Master Wizards, this does not mean they have completed their journey. We are all here to grow, learn, gain experience, and heal ourselves, others and the earth; and this does not stop upon reaching Master Wizard level. There is always a path, the Wyrd, to be trod!

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