Wizard Training One

Wizards Dragon Training

To grow and develop spiritually and to maintain it requires effort and guidance. Spiritual wizardry is here to help this process, although ultimately the responsibility is the individual’s. Spiritual Dragon Wizardry offers a wise, knowledgeable, experienced, balanced and fun path through this process of restoring the balance and of being free of shadow.  For more information and how to join the The Spiritual Wizards Academy please continue to read.

As time passes, what we teach and how we work may well change and evolve. We believe that this is a natural and healthy process. In many religions their teachings and working practices are stuck in the past, they were useful and relevant when they were first introduced but over time as situations changed they became less so but there was no way to change them. They are therefore still teaching and practising more or less what they were thousands of years ago, even if it is no longer appropriate. We recognise that what we teach and our working practices need to be allowed to grow and evolve, as is natural and necessary.

On the word ‘wizard’

We appreciate that people may understand different things by the word ‘wizard’.  We use the original meaning of the word ‘wizard’, ‘an expert in the art of wisdom’. It is only more recently, around 1550 AD that the word took on the meaning, ‘one with magical power’. This was during the Middle Ages, as the distinction between philosophy (meaning ‘the love of wisdom’) and magic blurred which is reflected in other terminology as:

  • The words ‘magic’ and ‘magician’ derive from the Greek word mágos, meaning ‘one of the members of the learned and priestly class’, and was first attested in the 6th century BC. During the 14th century, it took on its contemporary meaning: ‘the art of influencing events and producing marvels’.
  • The word ‘sorcerer’ derives originally from the Latin word sors, meaning ‘lot, fate, fortune’, but again it was only during around the 14th century that the word took on its current meaning of someone who influences events using magical spells.
  • The word ‘witch’ derives from the Old English word wicce, which simply means ‘female magician, sorceress’.
  • People working with magic tend to use spells. The noun ‘spell’ derives from the Old Norse (Norwegian) word spjall, which means ‘report, discourse, tale’. Its contemporary magical meaning though of ‘set of words with magical powers, incantation, charm’ is again a recent one, first recorded in 1579.

This focus on doing / practising magic is not one that  Spiritual Wizards share. People who do magic are actually using their own power to impose their own will on events. For example, they may:

  • Focus their own mental and emotional energy on something they want, whether it be helping (or hurting) someone else, finding a new job or new relationship etc.
  • Possibly use the power of the spoken word in the form of positive affirmations or ‘magical’ words – a ‘spell’.
  • Perhaps carry out a physical act such as drawing or modelling what they want to happen, or focusing on a picture of what they want, etc.
  • Maybe even asking for help to get what they want from the spiritual realms, even though this risks working with a malevolent spirit.

This type of ‘magic’ is actually rather common. Many people today are recognising their own power of intention – they can get what they want by mentally and emotionally focusing on it, whether it be a job, a solution to a problem, whatever. It is discussed, for example, in the quite well known film The Secret.

The key distinction between what we do in Modern Wizardry versus this sort of magic is that we work with the ONE, not our own will. We don’t decide what we want, and then use our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual power to get it. Instead, we simply work with the ONE. When you choose to work with the ONE, the power of the ONE also flows through the work you do. The power of the ONE is infinite; it can achieve exactly what the ONE chooses to achieve, it is a beautiful energy to work with. By working with the guidance and power of the ONE, there is no need to focus on using your own physical, mental and emotional energy to create change, because you are working with the power of the ONE! This is what differentiates Modern Wizards from magicians, sorcerers and witches.

If people are practising magic, even if it is only focussing on their own emotional and mental energy to get something they may think is a good idea to wish for, then they are at a good starting-point. It is very common and understandable for people to do this – they are simply using more of who they are to get what they want (e.g. using their mental and emotional focus). If you are in this situation, we don’t advise you to shut down or feel negative about yourself,  you have simply been exploring all of who you are which is a wonderful and natural thing to do. All we would advise is that you also bring your attention to the ONE that is within you, the power of unconditional love that resides in all things, that resides in your soul. When you are One with this, you will realise that there is a beautiful path for you (what we call the Wyrd) that there is nothing to worry about and that there is no need to wish for anything yourself. The ONE knows all, cares for all, can be absolutely trusted, and will provide you with every opportunity you need to grow spiritually and to fulfill your purpose here on earth. All you need to do is to connect with ONE / Source / your Higher Self / your soul – listen in every way to what the ONE is trying to tell you, ask the ONE what you want to know. More information on this process is included in our Wizard student course.

A final comment on magic, although we don’t practice magic at all in Spiritual Wizardry, we do recognise that in one sense, everything is magical, everything contains, expresses and is connected to the ONE. We don’t consider it unusual at all for things that are usually unseen to express themselves visually / physically. Whilst we realise that some people would consider this unusual and spectacular, producing such marvels is not our goal or what we aim to do. Our goal is very different from that – to help humanity and the earth – and any ‘miraculous’ events are by-products, not the goal. Therefore we do not do magic, but recognise that what other people may call ‘magic’ occurs all the time.

Wizardry Training Two

We believe that the wisdom and knowledge we have gained through Modern Spiritual Wizardry may be of immense value to other people and have therefore created a training programme. There are two parts to our wizardry training programme

  1. Distance training, which covers the first level in Modern Wizardry, student level. This consists of documents you can download (Treeing ) read through and apply on your own along with the information on the website.
  2. Obtain a copy of The Time Workshops as this Spiritual Wizards manual will set your feet solidly on the path of personal growth and Spiritual connection.
  3. Personal training, which covers the further levels in Spiritual Dragon Wizardry:  Student, Novice, Journey, Full and Master wizard levels. This is training carried out mostly online in the Spiritual Wizards Academy, individually or in small groups, and includes wizardry energy work, please use the contact page if you wish to join the online Academy.
  4. Only ‘once you have mastered the invisible can you do the impossible’ this is what we teach through various mediums and in the online wizards academy, for some this may take a short while because of their already exceptional lives and personal growth and for some others it may take longer, but for all who are willing to learn and grow, they WILL reach this point in their growing. At all times we encourage you to engage with the Earth Dragon and the Dragons in general.

Further information on all training is given below.

We may have a lot to teach you in some areas, but equally you may have much to teach us too. Each of us is unique, bringing unique understandings, gifts and skills to a situation. We try to be as open as we can be to learning lessons and growing spiritually ourselves, and we therefore encourage each Wizard we meet to be true to themselves, to speak and act as they feel is right. We believe that this will help all involved to continue to grow spiritually.

Online Training – Student Level

The Student Wizardry Course starts with this website, these first steps aims to start your  spiritual wisdom, to help people grow spiritually, to become their true-selves, to find their true purpose in life. It is the result of lessons learned over many decades by Spiritual Wizards.

We have tried to provide this website to be suitable for everyone, regardless of what stage you are at in your spiritual journey or how much previous experience you have of spiritual development. We hope it is comprehensive and clear enough to help complete newcomers to spiritual development work, whilst at the same time being insightful and advanced enough to help those with decades of experience in spiritual development work. There are concepts and lessons on this website that we believe are entirely new, that you probably won’t have come across anywhere else before, and that may be immensely useful in helping people grow spiritually.

Section 1, the Spiritual Laws of Modern Wizardry, are available. This section introduces fundamental concepts that we believe and hope are constructive for personal spiritual growth.

We also recommend you read the book The Time Workshops by Abrielle Jones, published in 2007 with 22 lessons on developing yourself as a Wizard. The book is about Abrielle’s experience as a student in a wizardry course run by a Wizard in the late 1980s, and we hope that you will find these two to be complimentary.

Section 2, for advanced Wizardry you need to be understanding and using the Four Spiritual Laws of Wizardry before you move on to the Three Truths as well as studying the Time Workshops’ manual. We welcome those who wish to follow the path of Wizardry in to the online Wizards Academy to provide guidance and further teaching with like minded Wizards in furthering your Wizardry path.

Training – Novice Level and beyond

The Novice wizards course runs from our online Spiritual Wizardry Academy helps people to grow spiritually through focusing mostly on their mental understandings: by thinking about life in a new way by applying the 4 Spiritual laws of Wizardry, people will be able to grow spiritually. To join the Academy please contact us through the form on this websites contact page.

You will receive a  Wizards certificate as you progress onwards from Novice Wizardry level and beyond, mental understandings are complimented by ‘energy work’ and other spiritual development work, which can be taught in person or over distance, either individually or in small groups. The student course mentioned how thoughts and feelings can be described as ‘energy’. Energy work is a way to help fill you with positive and useful energy. In Spiritual Wizardry, we connect and work with energies such as:

The energy of the ONE, the Creator, the Universe, Source. This includes energies such as unconditional love, peace, joy, and life-force energy.

The energy of nature such as trees.

The energy of the Dragons. As explained in About: Modern Wizardry we believe that Dragons are the ONE’s helpers, and are what other people may call angels. If people prefer to use the word ‘angel’ when training with us, they are welcome to. There are many dragons, such as the elemental dragons (dragons of the earth, water, air and fire), and each embodies and expressed different energies. The energy of the water dragon, for example, is similar to what you would experience if you connected with the energy of the sea, or if you took a long relaxing bath: the water energy helps provide emotional cleansing. Since the dragons are conscious beings, it is also possible to communicate with them, receiving specific guidance as needed.

Although the second level in Spiritual Wizardry is called ‘novice’ level, this doesn’t of course mean that the novices will always be new to working with all of these sorts of energies. If they are, then that’s fine, but equally the novice may have decades of experience in spiritual development and energy work. We use the term ‘novice’ simply because they are more than likely new to the techniques used within Spiritual Wizardry.

We usually work with wands when doing novice energy work. Wands help channel and focus whatever energy we are working with. Being made out of wood, they also help connect us with the energy of trees and of nature. Wands are used for personal energy work – to help heal yourself. We do not use wands for spells – we don’t do spells at all in Spiritual Wizardry! we have no need to, our skills are working with the invisible creatures and energy’s of the universe.

We teach different ways of working with wands and the energies discussed above so that individuals may connect and be filled with whatever energies are needed for that individual to re-balance and to grow spiritually in a natural way. The benefit of doing this energy work is that the individual has a stronger connection with energies that are part of our true selves – a stronger connection with the ONE. This helps the individual to be restored to their true nature, to be one with the ONE. This also helps make us become aware of and displace those energies that aren’t truly part of who we are – negative thoughts and feelings. You could think of it in terms of as we are more filled with the light of the Creator, any dark areas / shadows stand out more (against the light), and the light helps to weaken / displace / remove the shadows. The energy work therefore helps to restore us to our true natural being – beings of light and love.

The energy work itself is kept in balance with time for discussing the experience and anything that was raised by it. It’s important that each Wizard gains an understanding of how to work with energy themselves effectively, so that they can tailor the work to what they or others need. It’s also important that everyone has an opportunity to discuss anything that was raised by the work, if they choose to, to help themselves and anyone else there to learn new things and to grow spiritually.

We are very fortunate within the association to have members who are particularly gifted at working with energy. A lot of the energy work we have learned and practice comes from them. The aim however is that from this basis, other people can also become more aware of how to work with energy, and can therefore become Masters of the art themselves and help to pass the art on to others.

The main advantage that most people who do wizardry energy work find is that it is natural and effective to use. We try to work with energy in a natural way, to restore our true natural energy flows, as they are meant to be. Humans can help bring the light from the One, from the Universe, down to earth – humans can act as channels for light, love and truth. This light, love and truth is used to heal themselves, others and the earth. Our natural role is therefore to have the connection with the One, with the Universe, at the same time as having a connection with the earth, which is achieved through a form of grounding. Within wizardry energy work, the two compliment each other – the stronger the grounding is, the connection with earth is, the stronger the connection with the One, the Universe, can be – and vice-versa. The two balance each other out, thereby creating balance for the individual, so that they find the experience useful, wonderful and natural, not confusing or destabilising. When working in this balanced way, the individual is stable enough to channel far more light, love and truth, to help heal themselves, others and the earth in a more powerful way.

We believe that this is the natural role of humans – to help bring light down to earth, to heal ourselves, others and the earth. The techniques we use for energy work are therefore natural too, which means that:

They can be quick to learn, although it does depend on the individual.

Most of the work is done standing up. Energy flows easiest and most naturally if the body is straight – so either standing up or lying down. At the same time, it can of course still flow in other postures, such as sitting down, just not usually quite as powerfully.

We don’t take down / cut off our connections with the ONE / the Universe and with the earth after the energy work. Those connections are a natural part of who we are, and we need them in all situations, to help ourselves and others to grow spiritually. We can strengthen those connections through energy work, but actually they are part of who we naturally are, and we need them all the time, so we can maintain them all the time. They help keep all of who we are – our body, thoughts, feelings and actions – in balance.

Once the energy work has been learnt, it is easy to practice it again in any situation. If you’re at work and feeling unbalanced – through too much mental work, or through emotional conflict, for example – you can use it at any time to help restore your balance. It can only take a moment, and needn’t catch anyone else’s attention. Although we usually use wands to learn and practice the energy work, since it makes it more powerful, you can still do the energy work very effectively without one.

For these reasons, combined with the way we teach the energy work (discussed below), most people who do wizardry energy work find it is the most powerful and useful type of energy work they have done.

Modern Wizardry and Drugs

When you work with energy in a natural way, as explained above, it helps you grow and develop spiritually at the pace that is right for you – according to the will of the One. Within Modern Wizardry, we never use drugs or herbs of any sort to try to help this process. Certain drugs / herbs may seem to help this process, but we never do this because:

It is not necessary to. We can teach techniques that can help you develop at the right pace for you without using drugs.

Drugs can destabilise / unbalance you. They may develop part of who you are (for example, your psychic skill), but this will happen anyway, naturally, when the time is right. If you force it to occur earlier, through the use of drugs, then you’ll become unbalanced. This may take the form of confusion about life in general, losing interest in important areas of your life, eventually losing touch with reality, being troubled by things that have been activated by your drug-induced experiences, not having the same confidence or balance when making decisions, and so on.

Any abilities you do acquire through taking drugs will only be temporary. It’s possible to gain these skills naturally in a lasting way, without taking drugs. If you rely on drugs to grow spiritually, you’ll need to keep taking them to keep growing, and this will lead into dependency or addiction, and aggravate the un-balancing effect mentioned above.

Training structure

If you feel you’ve understood and applied (as best you can) student level wizardry you may join us in the Wizards academy, and if the Dragons indicate that it is right for you to move on to novice level, then you are welcome to consider our novice training programme, otherwise you can join as student and we will endeavor to guide you to higher levels of Spiritual Wizardry.

Novice level wizardry is about learning how to use energy work to aid your Spiritual development, opening up their energy connections which may be blocked, when you allow the energies to flow through unimpeded your life begins to become more balanced. This adds to and works in conjunction with what you have learnt in student level wizardry, helping you to restore your own true balance. As you learn how to restore your own balance, you become better equipped to help others do likewise.

Visits to local energy sites may also form part of the training.  Our teachers are UK and North America based and will engage with Wizard students through the online Academy

Practical arrangements

Training venues are arraigned or provided by Master Wizards in suitable locations. The advantages of this are that the teachers can create a good working space for the training, it avoids the cost of hiring a venue, and is convenient.

Our teachers do travel around the country so it may be possible to meet somewhere other than Swansea. For example, it may be possible to meet at one of the events we will be attending. If you would like to start Wizard training rather than just attending one of our talks/workshops (which will be student level), then you will need to apply using our contact form on the  contacts page.

If you are interested in undertaking Wizard training, then the first step is to use our contact page to tell us of your interest. There is an annual subscription which provides access to the Wizards online Academy.  There are five main levels of Wizardry that you will require to work through. Student level, Novice Wizard level, Journey Wizard level, Full Wizard level and Master Wizard level, Master Wizard level is separated in to two levels. (junior Master wizard and Master Wizard)