Finding Your Wyrd

How to Start Your Journey as a Wizard

For those of you already familiar with meditation, spiritual visualization and counseling, all you need to do, is to incorporate the Wizards Treeing exercise into your routine and start implementing the 3 Spiritual laws of Wizardry into your life. At some stage you will feel ready and eager for more Wizardry wisdom & knowledge, in which case we would urge you to purchase one of the copies of ‘The Time Workshops’ books, there is a paperback  and an Ebook version available, this will provide a further 20 lessons of advanced spiritual development.

For all those who are currently not already on a spiritual path but feel the urge to start, then you have found the right page which means you are already beginning to develop your latent Wizardry skills.

Step one:

Aspire to improve yourself in everything you do, and become involved in creativity for yourself or for others, no rules, just be creative.

Step two:

Begin to meditate regularly, there are many methods and plenty of free help available on the internet, the easiest to start with is mindfulness, but remember, no rules, so any meditation will work to help develop you.

Step three:

Do kind deeds for others there are no rules here, just make people smile, the easiest way to do this is to smile at strangers and offer a greeting in a shop, in the street, at work, you may also do good deeds for others, such as give them lifts in your car, help them in the garden, teach children by example, you are a potential Wizard, you will find a way to help or please others.

Step four:

Develop Unconditional love within you, by now step 1 through to 3 will have already taken you most of the way there, now you need to become aware of your love for all living beings  also love and respect for non-organic beings such as the Earth, the water, the air and more, which wizards recognise as conscious entity’s and part of the ONE.

These four steps will raise your spirituality and energetic vibrations whilst bringing joy into your life and those that you touch, now if you have not already tried it, you should be trying to complete the Wizards Treeing exercise, there are several levels to this, first you join with the universal energy, then you share the universal energy back to the universe/ONE with your unconditional love embellished within the energy, joining your love with the ONE which in turn gets shared with everything in the universe. Treeing within itself is also a shortcut to developing your spirituality within the steps 1 through to 4.

There is ample help freely available on the internet to help you pass the lessons of those four steps, and you can also find a spiritual teacher, but there are no shortcuts. Beware your EGO who will look for them.

Persuading your EGO to Let Go

When you practice bringing forth unconditional love within yourself, on occasion you may find a resistance or a difficulty, perhaps a thought will creep into your mind ‘this is too hard, ‘I can’t do this’ etc: these thoughts are the manifestation of your EGO, your EGO is feeling threatened and is placing barriers in your way. This is understandable as your EGO may have had unfettered dominion over your thoughts all your life, growing strong and becoming defensive and resistant to change, once the EGO feels the fear of change, then it could decide to be obstructive to the changes that you desire.

Change is your natural state, as a human you were born designed for change, to work with and to accommodate the changes in the seasons, in your foods and your relationships with parents, siblings and friends, these you learn as you change from a child to an adult, your energetic being was placed into the human just weeks after your conception to live and learn from the changes of life, together you create the human being, one of the most beautiful creations of the ONE on planet Earth. Together you are to embark on the wonderful journey of life, constantly growing, learning and changing, taking lessons and facing challenges that will burnish and polish you to a high vibration of energy spreading love to your family, friends and as far as you can reach within your life time.

Without change your EGO gets lazy and complacent, defensive fear creeps in, we don’t want you to battle with your EGO, we want you to love your EGO, pacify and teach. Your EGO can’t help learning, it loves to learn, only when it becomes content with a status quo and complacent, then its desire to learn changes from a positive learning experience where physical, mental and spiritual change are enjoyable to a NEGATIVE learning experience that reinforces its status quo, your EGO may be eager to learn new methods that allow you to remain as you are for less effort, while you, as a whole human being lose out on the pleasure and fulfillment of growth.

How to Teach the EGO not to be Afraid

Remember you are your EGO, so to remind the EGO to loosen up, to not fear change we need to encourage a free flow of energy through your body, this will remove the stagnant and negative energy that is clouding the EGO’s judgement, we need to remind the EGO how marvelous it is to grow and as growth always means change, to accept the change that is required to grow.

So introduce yourself to music that is designed to balance Energy centre’s and unblock meridians, find positive things to do that create higher vibrations such as creating things, for men this could be building a fence or a shed, putting up shelves or building a garden rockery, anything that is a positive constructive act of achievement these examples could also be augmented with making music, writing knitting, any act of creating are definite positive actions that will remind the EGO what it has been missing. Woman can be positively creating in much the same way, gender is no barrier to positive acts of achievement, there are particular acts that appeal to woman and particular acts that appeal to men AND of course we are all made from Ying Yang, male and female attributes so your positive creative actions must satisfy both sides of you to leverage your EGO from its stagnant position. Walking or any form of movement releases negative energy, walking in the countryside where you are bathed in the energies of life is always an uplifting and positive act.

So breaking down the resistance from your EGO so that you can move on and position yourself for the positive life of unconditional love and connection to the ONE can start to be achieved.

How To Find Your Lessons

Spotting your lessons in life can be difficult, sometimes you can get so bogged down in the reality of life, that you miss the signposts and without even noticing, the opportunity to grow in a little spurt goes past.  So where do lessons come from?  lessons are presented by the ONE / Universe for you to grow your spirituality, to teach you how to commune with nature, to help you have more peace and love in your life, all of which are also the food of growth. Growth can consist of many parts, intellect, mind and also your sub consciousness. All together they combine to create your EGO, an EGO that is filled with unconditional love for all, is open, free and embracing of growth and light, an EGO that is riddled with fears creates blockages, retreats into itself and creates Shadow.

So how to spot that lesson, the easiest lesson to spot is the OBSTRUCTION. The obstruction can appear in many guises, it could be the flyer that you keep dropping when you try to pick it up off the floor after it got pushed through your letterbox, you know, the flyer advertising Pizza’s, or something else equally tasty but nutritionally barren, likely to put zits on your face and pounds on your hips..

Or it could be that great idea you had, to buy something online, but you can’t find your credit card, you turn the place upside down, and eventually give up, but then come back the next day armed with your card, and when the thing you wanted so badly arrives.. it turns out just to disappoint.

So the two examples above are fairly common obstructions, obstructions put in front of you to guide you away from something that is not in your best interests, but DID YOU LISTEN?  WILL you listen in the future?  So what could you learn from the obstructions if you recognised them? Well, these examples are easy, one is providing the lesson not to eat that pizza!, but why?  what could you eat, well you could eat a meat sandwich, but is that taking on board the FULL lesson, maybe the lesson is more than just don’t eat that companies pizza, maybe the lesson is about investigating your diet, full stop, lessons will always give you options to choose,  lessons are not lessons in passivity, you WILL have to work to find the best answer, HOW many layers can a lesson have, HOW deep can the answers be,  perhaps your EGO gets in the way so that you hear the lesson but still carry on eating Pizza, or buying it from the same outlet, what happens then?

But you could also find an answer that works, but just not the best answer, in which case the Universe will re-present a lesson to you in a different way to accommodate the twist in your path you just took, time will tell, there is no shame in taking baby steps, or making a different choice to what the ONE wanted you to take, because if you DID take the different path, the ONE will nudge you towards the better path, your ‘Wyrd’ on another occasion. Maybe you just were not ready for the lesson, or the growth that would happen if you were paying attention. So HOW many layers can a lesson have? HOW deep can you see? , MAYBE THAT is the lesson!. This is why lessons are provided in the way that they are, to encourage you to think, because thinking/contemplation creates wisdom’s, and the universe loves to create.

What happens next?, how can you learn to be proactive and capture and complete every lesson offered to you. You can put into practice the Three Spiritual laws of Modern Wizardry and make a giant leap forward in recognising your lessons, finding your true path and embracing your Wyrd to a brighter more peaceful and contented life full of growth and change. But also importantly do not worry about what you might have missed, it will come around again and again, until you learn and complete what you were expected to.

After you have Recognised the ONE within you

Once you have sensitized yourself to the energy of the ONE within yourself and you are able to feel this energy manifested, you will be able to feel moments of BLISS in those moments when you are able to allow the energy to RISE within yourself. This is best exemplified when you follow a regular regime of meditation or TREEING exercise’s.

By recognising and making love to the energy of the ONENESS inside your partner you will be able to have a SOUL union with the ONE energy in both of you, the moment of intense BLISS will be shared and heightened in joy as the ENERGY OF THE ONE is re-joined together within you both.

The joining of the Universe within you both will produce a feedback loop of raising your energy vibrations, making you more sensitive to the soul energy, the ONENESS of yourself and others.

To interpret the energetic BLISS as the rising of the ONENESS within you and by recognising on the subtle energy level of the ONENESS within another will allow the ONENESS within you both to re-join, producing purer high energy vibration which will so excite every cell inside your body that the interpretation of BLISS on the physical level can and will be interpreted as LOVE. It is this feeling of love that opens and wells up inside of you, blinding you to any physical imperfections and only recognising the beauty of the ONENESS within the other which is the goal of the human being on this level of existence/Reality.

By beginning to recognise the ONENESS in ALL human beings you will bring this sensational feeling of love, Bliss and high vibrations constantly into your life.

This is what is meant in the ancient teachings of the Karma Sutra, the Tantric, by waiting until you recognise the ONENESS within each other before making physical love, will allow the energy of the ONE to fuse and join within you, creating those moments of untold BLISS that like pillars of light in the darkness shining out, will contribute to raising the vibration of the whole universe with the joy as more of the energy of the ONE is re-joined in those moments.

By recognising and making LOVE to the ONENESS inside your partner will produce the highest levels of BLISS and high energy vibrations than anything else you could possibly do.

The energy of the ONE is in all things in the universe, from the tiniest speck of dust to the mightiest mountain, from the vaporous gas of the atmosphere to the liquids of life. Within the human being we have the consciousness and ability to use our created energies to raise the vibration of our energetic self through meditation by using our thoughts to manipulate the energy of the universe, the ONE or Cosmic mind, we are able to focus and heighten this energy within ourselves and to act as reservoirs of this Cosmic energy, this energy of the ONE are like pools of light in the darkness, join the LIGHT together, with LOVE for each other.

By re-interpreting the feelings of LOVE for your partner as the SOULFUL recognition of each other’s pillar of universal light and overcoming the ‘lower base material physical world’ that you see through the eyes of the human, by recognising that you are more than human, that you are a human being, a container of the universal energy of the ONE energy, is to enter the heaven of consistent BLISS of Love and high vibration.

It is the desire of the COSMIC MIND of the ONE that there is growth and re-joining of its energy, after diffusing its energy throughout the eons of universal time this energy seeks to join and re-join wherever it can. This is exemplified with gravity as physical matter seeks to join together (all matter is made out of the energy of the ONE),  free-flowing energy is also part of the ONE Cosmic Mind, the energy released inside the human body from food that is consumed is also the energy of the ONE Cosmic Mind, the human being takes the low vibrational energies and converts it into higher energies through conscious thought and the use of emotions where the body’s use of a complex system of chemicals to create the conditions where the human being can produce through conversion evermore higher energies through the feelings of LOVE.

These energies can be channeled, focused and manipulated through conscious will and directed at creating ever more, higher vibrational energies. This is in effect the concentrating of the energies of the ONE Cosmic Mind inside the human being which can then bring together ever more, in a continuous loop of high energy creation. The universal law of Entropy is then countered by the Cosmic Mind of the ONE to create growth, this could be interpreted as the ultimate universal law of the cycle of growth and decay.

The desire of the ONE to be re-joined into one concentrated force of energy balanced by the very laws of the universe it created towards dispersion and entropy.

The Wizard recognises the value of concentrating the energies of the ONE Cosmic Mind and by using the TREEING exercise further aids the desire of the ONE to create energetic balance and growth through collecting and directing the energies of the universe through the energetic visualization of TREEING.

So as a Wizard, by finding your Wyrd, you will aid the will and desire of yourself and the Cosmic mind for growth, happiness and love, because you are also composed of the energies of the ONE, it is your ultimate desire to grow in all the ways you can discover.

By connecting with the Cosmic mind, the One, you make yourself available as a tool that will be used to bring growth to the universe in small and large ways.