How it Works

The Universe and You

Shadow in a wizards teaching is an ‘energy virus’ which is attracted to negative energy created by living organisms, the negative energies of a person opens the door to become infected with this ‘energy virus’.  Positive energy that is created by living organisms can act as an ‘antibody’ on the energy level, but the Shadow virus may require more than the light of Love to remove it.

The energy wavelengths that are created by Love (compassion, unconditional love, joy etc..) counter’s the energy wavelengths created by negative energies (fear, anger, hate, etc..)  not by cancelling, suppressing or pushing back, but by raising the AMOUNT of positive energy that permeates the Universe, this may be described as ‘swamping out’ the negativity due to so much positive energies (wavelengths) in the Universe, as living beings made of energy we are influenced by other energy inputs, if for an example you are bathed in only negative energy wavelengths (shadow), your natural positive energy creation (energy created by your living cells) will be hard pressed to hold back this shadow energy from influencing you as a living being. It would be understandable that your thoughts, decisions and outcomes move from light, love, compassion, openness and positivity towards the shadow emotions generated by this shadow onslaught, your senses will switch to survival mode as you become agitated as you move from your natural ‘light’ state into shadow where fear and anger begin to manifest.

Only your natural generation of positive energies can protect you in these instances, and there are many examples of human beings overcoming the odds of survival when they live in such ‘shadow’ environments. But in many cases the shadow energies take over the thought processes of the living being and you end up with a negative entity, a person living in fear and anger themselves, creating more negative energies which are broadcast out into the universe affecting those near them and adding to the amount of negative energy wavelengths in the universe which go on and affect all living creatures

If a living being is living in a positive natural environment of higher energies then the outcome is markedly different, not only in their thoughts but also their decisions and actions.

By creating an abundance of positive energy wavelengths the amount (percentage) of negative energies in the universe is reduced, shadow effects are reduced, even though, overall the amount of shadow energies do not actually decrease in the universe that living beings are subjected to.

So the statement ‘without dark there is no light’ does not come into play when Wizards talk about shadow, as negativity (shadow energies) can and are created by living beings across the universe just as positive energies are created by living beings across the universe. What Wizards say is, if we create an abundance of positive energy, the shadow energies become less important. An analogy could be compared to anti-matter and matter, the (our) physical universe was created and became our reality because as scientists speculate, there was a tiny amount more matter than anti-matter so as matter and anti-matter annihilated each other, what was left was the small amount of matter which ended up comprising our physical universe. (this, is an analogy not an agreement with the scientific theory) If there is a low percentage of negative energies compared to a higher percentage of positive energies, (Wizards are actually talking about REAL energies detectable on the energy spectrum) then this will affect all living creatures all across the universe in more ways than could be discussed here, but an example could be that the brain creates higher energy frequencies when it is living in a positive energetic environment (your body is also an environment) when the brain, mind, is content and positive it becomes more creative, the human race develops faster, culturally, socially and with technological innovations, there are many studies that show how human enlightenment in all directions are achieved when the human being is at peace, peace created by rejecting the shadow.

So the Wizards philosophies are discussing and teaching a better way to live that would have huge changes to the universe as a whole. Remember every piece of energy on the spectrum of energy wavelengths touches and is affected by each other. We are all ONE, this is not just a hopeful statement, this is a scientific fact, we affect and are affected by everything, sure, you could easily argue HOW big an affect can the positive energy created by your heart and mind have in the universe, how could this energy affect a living being the other side of the planet, the solar system or even the galaxy?, in much the same way a pebble thrown into a lake, how far do the ripples travel, what effect will it have on the shore hundreds of metres away? But an effect is still detectable nevertheless, what happens if a thousand people throw a pebble into the lake, will the effect be increased? It is the same with us all, producing and broadcasting out there, positive energies created inside our minds with love and knowing the truth of what you do and why you are doing it. BUT the energy vibration (wavelength)  that is created by Love, for an example, is not dependent on the energy vibration that is created by hate, just in the same way that the energy (wavelength) vibration for 97 FM, is not dependent upon 79 FM, both exist interdependent of each other, if the wave length that carries the ‘hate vibrations’ (data) carries very little data, while the energy wavelength that carries ‘love vibrations’  is FULL of data, then you (the radio) is able to tune into much more positive energy, much easier than the negative data.”

If you as a human, hold Shadow within you, then you are subject to, desire, greed, want, fears bring selfishness, entrenchment, anger, vengeance, retribution, violence and then your scales need to be balanced with love, compassion, joy, generosity.  By dismissing fear you get rid of anger, selfishness, violence, vengeance, Wizards actively encourage you to remove fear from your mind, your soul/energetic self does not come with fear, but will be constrained by the fear of the mind, fear affects the health of each and every cell in your body, it’s effects shape your decisions and actions.

Wizards say, work through your fears, and dismiss and dispel them, only then will your inner light start to shine in it’s true magnificence. By removing fear the scales tilt decisively towards the higher energies of love and compassion, once fear is gone, greed quickly follows, want and desire are manifests of a lack of love and joy, once you have dispersed the Shadow you will be able to give and receive more love, a lifetime of living with fear (shadow) cannot be undone overnight, your mental programming that took a lifetime of living needs time to be healed and changed. Once Shadow is dispersed the healing begins and the new programming will start to show an effect. Healing can be accelerated by using some of the many techniques and by actively living your life with love and compassion for yourself and others.”

Wizards bring balance not by accepting the shadow, but by recognising that LIFE must exist without shadow, life moves toward and must exist in the positive energies, positive energies are the higher vibrational energies, shadow energies are the lower vibrational energies. Higher vibrational energies bring many benefits as already mentioned previously, it is the will of the universe to counter entropy that life grows, that this also entails enlightenment and all that it contains is without doubt, shadow energy brings destruction, dispersion and entropy (nothingness) while life brings consolidation, amalgamation and growth, (togetherness) or the antithesis to entropy, this cannot occur if negative energies pre-dominate in the universe, it is the culmination of life that balance is obtained on the physical and the energetic.

Wizards understand the nature of the physical rules of the universe, the fact that life itself can counter those rules with a higher purpose is also understood, it is this higher purpose of the universe that Wizards are aligned to, this nature, this ‘natural universe’ that Wizards tune into is the purpose of life, to buttress and support all life throughout the universe is the true Wyrd of life. On smaller scales a human being may find that their Wyrd is to provide guidance or help to others through teaching, protecting, feeding, providing good deeds, inventing, creating, bringing change, evolving themselves, spreading love and enlightenment a myriad of positive things, but one thing is certain your Wyrd is not to bring shadow into the lives of others or yourself.

Human beings can change their mind, depending on circumstances, this is correct and true, this is how wisdom is developed, by thinking through decisions and consequences, on occasion a person may make a wise choice but then change their mind due to a shadow intervention, a fear may manifest and a decision based on negativity may be made, without wisdom a surfeit of negativity develops, this is why it is so important to rid oneself of shadow as true wisdom cannot germinate and grow if the shadow is allowed equality in decision making.

Wisdom is a requisite of Wizardry, without wisdom true balance cannot be dispensed, wisdom is the foundation of philosophy, Wizard philosophy provides answers to problems that affect your life, it works through ‘what is best’ for life, ie: what does life require to prosper, what do you need to prosper, both spiritually and physically, in fact one cannot exist without the other. Wizards know that your energetic self is ultimately the most important partner of the human being combination but neither can exist in this physical reality without the other, so the wisdom of modern Wizardry is to bring balance to the human being by showing how to live in-light, by telling the truth and dispersing the myth that human beings are a balanced combination of light and shadow, this is a myth brought forth by those who misunderstand the truth of Ying and Yang.

The truth of the universe is that all life must develop whilst at the same time so must the higher energetic life forms also develop, life forms from all planes of existence, the physical and energetic, life cannot develop whilst it is engaged in constant struggle with shadow, dismiss the shadow and wisdom prospers, with wisdom comes truth and enlightenment, love, compassion, pleasure and joy become the driving forces of life whilst the shadow cannot regain a footing when you live with wisdom and light. Balanced existence for a ‘human being’ consists of the lower vibrational energies of survival, procreation and self ‘without shadow’, and the higher energies of joy, compassion and love, there are recognised ‘bands’ of higher energetic frequencies within this segmented Oneness.”

As a human being, we are a merging of spirit and human, we have been giving the privilege and right to connect and communicate directly with the Source, if we accept that spirit is higher than the human and the ego we have developed.

The energy that existed at the beginning has developed into the Universe, the Universe is Spirit energy, for that spirit energy to learn and grow it needed to manifest itself in a way that allowed it to test all scenarios, to have lessons shaped by the rules of the material universe, to go further it required the complexity of life in all its shapes and forms, where even more lessons can be learned, those lessons have to explore everything, the power of the dark and the light the lessons of good and bad, of love and hate, of sharing and selfishness even the lessons of giving and receiving need to be tested, ultimately all these lessons are testing what is best for the growth of the Universe, the ONE, and we are part of those lessons, just as we are the designer of those lessons and of course the benefactor of those lessons.

So the important foundations have been set for you to determine why Dragon Wizards celebrate the Solstice’s of the Earth’s progression around the Sun. So do you know why Spiritual Wizards celebrate the beauty of the seasons, the growth, the rest, the sleep and the awakening of life?

It is a vital lesson that WE, the Universe need to understand, this lesson is to give thanks, to give and show Gratitude, actually not just to the life giving complexity of the earth our mother but as a lesson to share with each other, all of the One’s manifestations, Gratitude to the humble grass, the Magnificent Trees the insects that provide the ecosystem that brings fertilisation and progeny to the plant world while clearing up those that have completed their life spans to allow new growth to develop.

We see this in the animal world, with animals that are manifesting the spirit energy of the One, the Zebra that is provided with life giving food by the grass’s, with human beings that are also nurtured by the universal energy manifested through the lives of plants, animals, insects, creatures of the seas and the Fungi world. As human Beings we have become blinded to our shared spirit energy of the universe, we forgot to be thankful, we forgot to show gratitude.

What does giving thanks do, you may ask, well giving thanks or gratitude is a demonstration of love, giving thanks has many levels, saying thanks to someone with true meaning, inspires and touches the love inside that person, giving thanks using the word with truth behind it shares your energy of love to who or what you are giving thanks to, this can also reflect back and touch yourself with joy. Spiritual Dragon Wizards give gratitude to the spirit energy of the Earth through the celebration of the Equinoxes or solstice’s, by giving our heart meaning thanks we recognise that the earth is our friend and protector, we will reciprocate and do our best to protect our friend, protector and Mother.

Learning Lessons

Where do the lessons manifest? How can we learn from the lessons, how can we implement the lessons in a way that as a Wizard we can do what we should be doing, bringing shared growth and life through love to the universe in general.

By recognising what we are not doing, as much as what we are doing, because we are the Universe we are I AM, so when we love ourselves our Aura glows with that love, that love glows like a beacon to all the other I AM’s, the grass, the trees, the bees, the clouds, other people, the very air that you breath will reflect this love back to you, you can with wisdom recognise that by sharing your love with others, you are sharing with yourself as this love is reflected back to you in Gratitude, with thanks, it is a self-perpetuating circle as we are the energy of the Universe we are I AM. The love and gratitude you provide by celebrating the equinoxes of our planet gives love to the planet itself, the planet, the Earth, our Mother is of course I AM, it is you, it is all of us, from the humble grain of sand to the mighty Oceans, we are all part of the One Source.

There is clear evidence of neutrality in the will of the universe, when you are presented with a lesson whilst you are traversing your Wyrd, you are free to make your own choice, only your own wisdom will determine if you choose the correct path of action, the Universe remains neutral to your choice but not to your decision because if it is the wrong decision for your true path onward to your ultimate truth and happiness then the universe will intervene at some point and provide you with another lesson, bundled up in a way that the next time you may recognise and choose better, the act of decision making is the step of gaining wisdom, although of course not all wisdom is going to be ‘classed’ as good wisdom, or the ultimate wisdom for you in that environment. Wisdom’s are like the bricks in a wall, if the higher bricks are placed on ‘poor’ bricks underneath then ultimately the wall will tumble down, this is why some people seem to experience similar cycles of issues, only when the right choices are made will that person be provided with lessons that create higher understanding which can lead to higher wisdom’s. Join us in the wizards online Dragons Academy and further these concepts