The Three Truths

The Three Truths
(The Divine Triangle)

The Spiritual Dragons Wizardry promote an ancient Philosophy that includes living with unconditional love as stated in the Three Laws of Wizardry, we understand that we have been given the will to survive as humans on this Earth and we understand how this can be achieved in the face of violent onslaught without damaging ourselves, by living with unconditional love for all things but knowing that each and every one of us has a right to survive we can square the dilemma of fighting to protect ourselves while we still live in unconditional love for all, including the ones who seek to harm us.

Dragon Wizards also provide teachings and guidance for continued enlightenment so that you are able to re-capture the magic that you were born with but lost during your formative years.

Living in Unconditional Love is just one corner of the Divine Triangle. Unconditional Truth and Unconditional Understanding form the other 2 points of the Divine Triangle.

Unconditional Truth is the acceptance that you are a light being inhabiting a human body, this is a very important point to understand because without this acceptance you will be stuck as a human without a direction to grow.  Recognising and accepting that you are a light being will begin to loosen the conditioning that prevents you from walking between worlds, of course there is much more to do regards the loosening of the bonds of this 3rd dimensional reality before you can move your connection to the higher realms, this will come and begin to manifest with your unconditional understanding that you are a light being which is as large as the Universe and as ONE with all, yes you, we are the ONE.

The ONE, a force of pure love, experiences what life experiences but also knows Nothing and exists within everything, whilst the Nothing knows everything but exists outside everything, this is the structure that works and can be found mentioned in a previous document (Overworld, Middleworld, Underworld and the Nine Realms of life)  this is the Unconditional Understanding, the third corner of the Divine triangle that brings wisdom, Unconditional Love, Unconditional Truth and Unconditional Understanding.

This can be translated as, through the ONE, Everything and Nothing can be known. While the human ego has a limited capacity it needs to grow to reach the understanding of Unconditional Truth through using Unconditional Love before reaching Unconditional Understanding, this provides the wisdom that is needed to complete the journey full circle to where you began.

The practical steps are to work on accomplishing all three points of the Divine Triangle and this may take more than one lifetime to accomplish. The fullness of Unconditional love brings forth the recognition and full acceptance that you are energy (Unconditional Truth) and can navigate or ‘walk’ between worlds or Realms because you are a light being, this acceptance also brings the knowledge that you are part of the Source (Unconditional understanding) and work in harmony with guidance with the ONE this brings your connection through the ONE with the creativity of the Nothing to the ultimate position of LIVING within the Divine Triangle.

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